The county has acquired a multi-million health facility with a maternity, laboratory, outpatient department, mortuary and pharmacy from Tullow oil kenya at a ceremony attended by the public as well as national and county government leaders.

The facility which sits on a 30 acres piece of land in Lokichar ward of Turkana south sub county was handed over to the county government by Edward Mungatana on behalf of Tullow oil at a colorful ceremony at the hospital grounds on 13th April 2019 in the presence of Hon James Lomenen the area MP and Raphael Loperito the area MCA.

The hand over was preceded by tree planting and, official opening of the facility to the public and a declaration of transfer of its ownership and management to the county ministry of Health.

The Governor of the county Hon. Josephat Nanok who was the guest of honor was represented by Dr Roberts Abok the county chief officer for health and sanitation.

While thanking Tullow oil for the facility, Hon Nanok reiterated the commitment of his government towards equipping the facility with the needed manpower and infrastructure for enhanced delivery of medical services to the locals of Lokichar ward and Turkana south in general.

He further divulged that the county ministry of health had participated in the design of the facility and had meticulous plans to expand the hospital by increasing staff, putting up a KMTC, staff quarters and essential social amenities.

Area MP Hon. James Lomenen on his part pledged moral and technical support to the hospital and collaboration with the county government in addressing challenges that may occur in the running of the facility. The views of Hon. Lomenen were fully supported by the area MCA. During the handover ceremony, the area DCC who was the representative of the national government used the occasion to encourage locals to register for huduma number.

The director for public health Alfred Emanman noted that with the acquisition of Lokichar hospital, Turkana south had two facilities with the status of level four hospitals in katilu and Lokichar. He encouraged the locals to take advantage of the first ever public health facility in the area and utilize its services.

The sub county health management team led by Dr Veronoca Ereng confirmed that the facility had sufficient space, manpower and equipment to operate on a 24 hours basis every day.