Countywide vaccination exercise for camels by the County Department of Veterinary Services was officially launched today by Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro.

The vaccination against Haemorrhaagic septicaemia known in Ng’aturkana as “Lookot” has affected camels and it is associated with stress caused by long search of water and pasture.

Its characterized by pneumonia, internal bleeding (Haemorrhagic enteririts) and sudden death.

Speaking during the launch in Kerio Delta Ward, Turkana Central DG Lotethiro said that the County Government has taken the initiative of vaccinating camels to cushion herders against losses during this drought season. He said livestock rearing was the main source of livelihood in Kerio and other parts of the county and so their is need for quick response to mitigate the situation.

County Executive for Agriculture,Pastoral Economy and Fisheries Executive Chris Aletia said that the Ministry with support from the National Government and Food Agriculture Organizations(FAO) will soon distribute 350 Metric Tonnes of Range Cubes as a supplement feed for livestock during this dry season across the county.

Chief Officer for Fisheries,Livestock and Veterinary Services, Dr Michael Eregae said that the disease was first reported in January but was later brought under control.
After reported cases of camels deaths, Dr Eregae says that the ministry procured 2,000 vials of antibiotic( Penstrep)for treatment of early cases starting from Turkana Central, Turkana South and Loima sub-counties.

So far 675 Cases of camels who have died from the disease have been reported, 6191 treated while another 130,615 Camels risk starvation due to the ongoing drought. Haemorrhagic Septicaemia is commonly transmitted through contact with infected body fluids and excretion.

The County government has spent Sh2million for the vaccination and procurement of another 15 million drugs consignment to facilitate county wide exercise is on process that aims to cover 750,000 Camels in the whole county.

Also present during the event were Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Benson Longor,Kerio Delta MCA Peter Eregae and county government officers.