The Department of Natural Resources, under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, will soon be distributing 3,000 fruit and ornamental tree seedlings to organisations and sold to interested individuals.

Chief Officer of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, Pauline Lokuruka has said the seedlings represent a new approach to ensuring the ministry distributed high value tress which in future would enhance food security and nutrition.

“The reason why the ministry is selling to individuals is to encourage the feel of ownership which in this case the survival rate tree seedlings and raise revenue for the county,” she said.

The Deputy Director Pauline Ngoli Pusiye, Natural Resources, said the guava, orange and mango fruits trees are grafted and ready for planting. The ornamental tree, the umbrella, is a step away from the favoured neem, however the deputy director is confident the tree will grow in this kind of environment.

The distribution strategy, which ensures that there is equitable sharing throughout the county, will be 60% to institutions and 40% to individuals. It was agreed that following high demand of seedlings by the public, each person would be allowed to get at least 5 seedlings per species.

In this regard, individuals interested would be expected to pay Sh300 per fruit seedling and Sh100 for the ornamental. This, says Deputy Director of Natural Resources, will be a sign of commitment and ownership while organized groups/institutions who will receive in form of donation.

For an institution to qualify, it has to meet the following criteria; copy of certificate of registration; provide seedling protection; water and labour