Turkana County Government will partner with the Australian Government on livestock sector by creating    linkages to the external markets as a huge capital investment.

The partnership will extend to other sectors like Mining, Agriculture and Tourism with the aim of boosting the local economy and improving the livelihoods of the people.

Speaking when he met Australian High Commissioner Alison Chartres today in his office, Governor Josphat Nanok said the County has the largest number of livestock but little linkages to the outside markets have been a key challenge.
He said a lot is needed to be done to improve our livestock through benchmarking in Countries like Australia to know how they have commercialized their industry, done water harvesting and make it a huge capital investment in the county.
If proper planning on the external marketing component is well done, livestock will be a big economic booster and will measure up with thriving Livestock sectors like at Perth in Australia.
The Governor told the High Commissioner that his strategic objective is to make Oil economy be relevant to other sectors and will significantly be linked to the local economy by giving meaning to areas like Tourism, Irrigated Agriculture, Archaeological discoveries among others.

He singled out the mining sector which he said required proper coordination between National and County government especially on minerals and other devolved units. There is also need to do capacity building on extractives through scholarships for training.
To avoid of conflict with the community, proper legislation that will address the usual contentious issues like local content and revenue sharing should be put in place consultatively.

On her part, High Commissioner Alison said she was committed to promoting Turkana County  by exploring more on livestock linkages, potential programming on livestock, training and external markets.
Her government will also partner in other key sectors like Tourism, mining, Agriculture which will propel the local economy to improve livelihoods.
She said there is a common similarity between Kenya and Australia especially in the livestock sector which needs to be harnessed well.
Through her office, the Australian government will give some grants to fund cultural activities in the county to build up tourism through culture and festivals like Tobong Lore.

The grant will also help in setting up a recording studio for artists, equip them through purchase of equipment, put structures and bring on board the local community to showcase their artistry.
Also present were the County Secretary Peter Eripete, Deputy County Secretary Robert Loyelei, Ministers Chris Aletia, Jeniffer Nawoi, Charles Lokiyoto.   Chief Officers Dr Michael Eregae, Gladys Arika and Abraham Losinyen.