The county departments and partners met, yesterday, to polish the finer details of an agreement for implementation of activities supported by the development partner, GiZ. Led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries

Led by the County Executive Committee member (CEC) Chris Aletia – Ministry of Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries, it was agreed there was need to harmonise the activities with partners to improve service delivery to the people of Turkana County.
“We are here to find the best methods of implementation by the various county departments and our development partner to ensure that these activities are well coordinated and successful,” he said.
The Department of Natural Resources, under the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, was one of the departments that would soon benefit from the partner support in its tree planting exercises and proposis management.
The partner’s 2019 activities were mapped with assistance from the various county departments, who had met earlier in Nairobi, involved with reference to the 2018 – 2022 County Integrated Development Plan.
Chief Officer of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources Pauline Lokuruka emphasised on clear communication channel to the various county ministries/departments involved especially when it came to staff engagement.
In attendance were Chief Officers Dr. Michael Eregae (Pastoral Economy and Fisheries) Joshua Lemuya (Agriculture and Land Reclamation).
Other ministries include Lands, Energy, Housing & Urban Management; Trade, Gender & Youth Affairs; and Water Services, Environment & Mineral Resources. Other development partners to be engaged under an agreement are Agency for Pastoralists Development (APAD), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and Caritas Lodwar (Diocese of Lodwar).