Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro today led a cleaning exercise by the County department of Environment to raise awareness on need for better management and conservation of wetlands; as part of preparation for tomorrow’s celebration to mark World Wetlands Day.

Speaking when he kicked off the cleaning drive at the banks of River Turkwel, the Deputy Governor called for responsible waste management around the town to prevent pollution of wetlands and contamination of water bodies and low-lying areas.

He directed the County Department of Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Management to ensure there were enough garbage bins in all major urban centres to support better management of waste.

World Wetlands Day is marked every year on February 2nd, which is the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands established in 1971, to raise awareness about the value of wetlands for humanity and the planet.

Addressing concern from the Livestock Market Association, the Deputy Governor assured that the County Government plans to set up solar lights in the market to allow traders do business at night; as well as improve water system in the facility.

He urged the departments of Trade and Livestock to set aside funds in the next financial year for improvement of market facilities in the county to support traders do business at ease.

He cautioned against open defecation and encouraged traders to use public toilet facilities at the market to avoid spread of waterborne diseases.

County Executive for Water Services, Environment and Mineral Resources Emathe Namuar invited the public to the World Wetlands celebrations tomorrow that will start with rehabilitation of River Turkwel banks through tree planting in Nakwamekwi and later a community sensitization on wetland protection.

The event was also attended by Lodwar township MCA Robert Lowoko and Water Services, Environment and Mineral Resources Chief Officer Moses Natome.