Governor Josphat Nanok today has called for harmonization of the various bursary kitties in the county to ensure fair and equittable sharing of funds allocated to all school- going students.

The Institutions seperate funding to individual students is becoming a big disadvantage to some students who are not accessible to them while others are paid more for their schools than they require.

Speaking during the County Bursary Disbursement for 2019 at Moi Gardens Stadium in Lodwar, the Governor said currently there are students getting more money from the multiple bursaries in the county while other get less or miss.
These Bursaries that include CDF, TCG, TUllow/ KCB, Mama Mzungu foundation, Equity Bank ( Wings to Fly) and co-op Bank have caused huge funding gaps due to unprocedural funds allocation on fees. There is need to pool the bursaries in order to get rid of funding duplication and ensure that every child gets a fair share.
A total of 16,235 students were beneficiaries of kshs 63M from the County Bursary Disbursement allocations.

Governor Nanok told education officers both from national and County Governments including other stakeholders to organize for a symposium to look into causes of poor performamnce of our schools in last year examinations. Most schools both primary and secondary recorded poor results that were below average.

Though the primary and secondary school management is a national government function, he said there is need for collective responsibility from all sectors and stakeholders to positively contribute to the success of these schools in examinations.

The recommendations from the Symposium will address issues of teachers shortage, puipils attitude and laxity to learn, parents negligence of their role of parenting their children, politics involved and way forward for better results this year.

He stressed for the need of our youth to join vocational training Institutions saying the negative attitude of our youth on technical courses has resulted into shortage of technical and professinal personnel and currently the teaching profession is the most affected by byunderstaffing.

Governor Nanok said, this year, his Government will take a deleberate and affirmative action on those students who will join tecaher Training Colleges and offer full scholarship.This will be an 100% incentive to encourage others to follow suit. At the moment, there more understaffed schools in the county for lack of teachers.

Again, the County government can not effectively role out the Universal Health Care accross the county due to lack of enough medical personnel to administer the programme at the Sub-county and Wards level.
He told the youth to diversify their future by building their careers and invesing in technical courses that are marketable. There is no need to wait for white collar jobs and miss opportunities.

The Governor also made an appeal to various sectors in the county, inlcuding leaders across the political divide, NGOs and development partners to join hands and channels funding to Turkana University College. The University currently needs sufficient funding to run its programmes.

The University require better facilities to attract more enrolment of students out of the county and help the locals cut cost of going out to look for higher education.

He added that there was no much that the University inherited from the former Maseno University and its our turn to give the University the neccessay support it deserves.