Governor Josphat Nanok has called on Turkana and Toposa to stop cross border conflicts along kenya and Sudan south fueled by cattle rustling and embrace peace.
The sporadic raids between the two communities in the last few months has led to loss of lives and livestock and must stop.

He said though earlier peace agreements entered into have not been implemented, security stability is paramount and must be sort for by all means. Peace and unity of the two communities for Peaceful co-existence should be the greatest concern of the Turkana County government and the government of Kapoeta State, South Sudan.

Speaking at Lokichoggio, Turkana west sub county today , Governor Nanok stressed that thorny issues touching access to grazing fields, recovery of stolen animals and putting up agreed social impact projects on schools, infrastracture, common trading markets to bring these two communities together must be pursued by both sides with zeal.

The meeting brought together leaders and kraal elders from Turkana county and those of Kapoeta State, South Sudan led by Governor Louis Lobong to chart away forward on the continued border conflict caused by cattle rustling among the two communities.

On his part, Governor Lobong lauded the cordial relations between the two governments despite this chronic practice of cattle rustling that has brought constant conflicts among the people. He said though there could be no permanent solutions to some problems, there must be away of handling them cautiously.
He said though South Sudan has remained a let down after the support from neighbors during the struggle for independence, the country has recognized her mistakes and is now in the process of implementing the peace Accord that has direct positive consequences to this border conflict.

In May this year, a new government of national unity will be formed that will bring all parties together and this will end the prolonged civil wars in South Sudan thus the Turkana and Toposa cattle rustling.

The government of national unity is also expected to ensure complete peace is restored, no cattle rustling and re-possessing of illegal arms from the likes of the two communities is a key factor.

This will bring a lasting peace solution to the two communities through disarmament and the reason for peaceful co-existence and will have been achieved.

Senator Malk told political leaders and kraal elders from the two communities to end these conflicts and engage on meaningful activities for development. He said other communities across the regions are a head in development but pastoralists communities are still in the business cattle rustling .

He called on the same leaders to bring on board professionals from both sides to be the ambassadors of people and take the message to the villages to reach the church included.

The senator also urged the peace meetings organizers to take them to the periphery where the perpetrators and gun owners are. These meetings in urban centers won’t help so much when those herders are not in attendance.

Also present were; Senator Prof Malik Ekal, Turkana west Mp Epuyo Nanok, Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MCAs led by leader of majority Kobongin and security team led County Commissioner Seif Matata.

The TCG team was led by county secretary Peter Eripete.

The Kapoeta State, South Sudan team comprising of political leaders was led by Governor Louis Lobong.

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