Governor Josphat Nanok today joined other leaders to witness the signing of the Deed of Trust establishing a charitable trust for the local community in Turkana South and East Sub-Counties.

The deed signed before wananchi at the Baraza park in Lokichar town is based on an Agreement signed in 2014 between African Camp Solution (ACS) and Tullow on establishment of first operating base, that provided for a charitable trust to be set up on behalf of the Community.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Nanok commended ACS for being true to their word to implement the 2014 agreement to set up the trust on behalf of the local community.

The purpose of the Trust Deed signed include the promotion of education; capacity development; provide education bursaries, alleviation of poverty through improved amenities, social services, access to water solutions, provision of employment and establishment of community based enterprises; agriculture development; access to health services among others.

The Governor urged residents of Turkana East and Turkana South sub-counties to unite behind the trust and warned that divisions of could make region miss on benefits from land and revenue from the operational base.

He said the trust will form a basis for establishment of future camps and called on the community as principals of the trust to demand for accountability from the Board of Trustees.

He asked the Board to speed up the remaining process for community to begin enjoying the fruits of the trust.

The Governor pledged to be true to his pledge to protect the community’s interest from development of natural resources including land as one of the reasons for his reelection in the last general elections.

He reiterated the stand on bipartisan unity by elected leaders and revealed that joint community engagement on development matters will be held across Turkana from next month.

Director of ACS David Walker hailed the signing of the trust deed and said the company was proud of its contribution to the system that he described as transparent, accountable and in the best interest of the community.
Tullow’s General Manager External Affairs Eris Losike assured that funds to be transferred to the trust were available and urged all leaders to support the process to avoid delay of process that he said had so far been all inclusive.

Deputy Governor advised the Board of Trustees to recruit the trust’s Chief Executive Officer through a competitive process and ensure a qualified individual is chosen who will protect the trust from corruption.

Turkana South MP James Lomenen said the trust will open doors for more benefits to the community. He echoed calls for unity between Turkana East and Turkana South Sub-Counties and insisted leaders will not allow politics to ruin the process.

Other leaders who spoke include Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MCAs Raphael Loperito (Lokichar), David Erukudi (Lobokat) and Peter Lokutuni (Kalapata).

Governor Nanok was accompanied by Senior County Government officials led by County Secretary Peter Eripete.