Governor Nanok puts on notice underperforming County Government officers

Governor Josphat Nanok has put on notice County Government officers over underperformance and mismanagement of public resources.

The Governor has warned that there will be no room in his administration for poor service delivery to the Turkana public and lack of accountability in management of government funds.

Speaking when he presided over the swearing in ceremony of four County Chief Officers, the Governor said Turkana was still underdeveloped compared to the rest of Kenya and therefore called for better performance from public servants whose responsibility it was to implement the development of priorities of the County Government.
“It’s has become a norm that County Government officers come into office with expectations and promise to work for the public but end up only being of benefit to their families. Underperformance will not be tolerated, if you are unable to perform then you should find somewhere to hide,” he said.

The Governor insisted contract renewals of senior County Government officers will be based on performance and further urged the County Assembly to play it’s role in holding accountable officers who fail to deliver on duties of their offices.

He said the County full rollout of IFMIS in financial management and e-Procurement module was meant to enhance transparency and accountability in procurement process- procurement planning, requisition, sourcing, and payment.

He added that the County Treasury will streamline the system to tighten loopholes in misappropriation of public funds.

The four Chief Officers sworn into office today are Joshua Lojock Lemuya who take over the Agriculture and Land Reclamation docket; Pauline Lokuruka to head the Tourism Culture and Natural Resources department; Yusuf Abdullahi who takes over the Economic Planning department and Rosemary Nchinyei as Chief Officer for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs.

The ceremony was attended by Turkana elected leaders which Governor Nanok revealed was a show of unity whose main agenda was the fight of the welfare of Turkana residents and to ensure resources from both the National and County Governments are put into better use to develop the region.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro welcomed new Chief Officers to government and urged them to be committed to service delivery. He echoed the Governor’s sentiments on the unity among Turkana leaders as a requirement for the region to speak in one voice.

Other leaders who spoke include Senator Malachy Ekal, Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MPs John Lodepe (Turkana Central), James Lomenen (Turkana South), Ali Lokiru (Turkana East), Jeremiah Lomurkai (Loima) and Daniel Epuyo (Turkana West); County Secretary Peter Eripete, Leader of the in the County Assembly Bethwel Kobong’in as well as the Leader of Minority Benedict Lokamar.