Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro has endorsed the Food and Nutrition Security Multisectoral Framework that seeks to improve coordination among key actors to achieve sustainable food and nutrition security in Turkana County.

Speaking at the meeting with various county ministries and partners, the DG advised that a working group should be set up to address the governance structure or a secretariat.

“With this kind of working group then it becomes possible to actualise in addressing some of these key issues. It calls for working together and collaboration,” he said.

According to the SMART survey (2017) at least 1 in every 4 children are both wasted and stunted because of malnutrition in Turkana.
As malnutrition is interlinked with food security, a multi-stakeholder partnerships that are generally directed to address challenges of health, food and nutrition security, agriculture, education, social protection and water has a role to play to ensure the population stays healthy.

Due to climate change, he added the county should strengthen irrigation and increase the acreage under irrigation to supplement rain-fed agriculture.

He cited the recent bumper harvest witness at Kalemorok as a true sign that irrigation done right can have a huge impact. As he commended the partners for their efforts thus far, he urged the partners to implement bigger and sustainable projects that are consistent.

The Deputy Governor urged the partners to identify experts in areas of food security and nutrition.

“The different sectors have captured on how to address the food security and malnutrition in the County Integrated Development Plan very well but now with partners, resource mobilisation can be done,” he said.

Tasked as the lead ministry – Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries, County Executive for the Ministry Chris Aletia said the framework had already been anchored on the CIDP thus partners could use it as a reference for resource mobilisation.

The Deputy Governor concluded with the ministries involved and partners should work together in implementing the various agreed projects including the visiting sites.

Other county top officials in the meeting were CECs Charles Lokiyoto (Public Service, Administration & Disaster Management) and Patrick Losike (Education, Sports and Social Protection); Chief Officers Ekalalee Imoni (Administration and Disaster Management), Dr Michael Eregae (Fisheries, Livestock and Veterinary Services) and Moses Natome (Health and Sanitation); Food and Nutrition Advisor Nakoel Evaristus Lokidap; Directors Lotome Chamma (Irrigation) and Paul Lokone; and a host of representatives from development partners GiZ, Save the Children, World Food Programme, World Vision, UNIDO and UNICEF.