Governor Josphat Nanok hosted the US Delegation at the County Headquarters and during the meeting, he shared some of the county’s key successes.
He mentioned the county has prioritized the following areas; health, water, food security, infrastructure and education. The latter focuses on early childhood education and vocational training.
The County Integrated Development Plan that was developed with other stakeholders; United Nations (UN), Non-Governmental Organizations and National Government outlines all these prioritized areas. It ensures that it is aligned with the key priorities of the County (the residents have identified), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and National Government. Therefore, any development partner or organization willing to work with the county is encouraged to use the same plan to align its projects.
One of the key innovations is “Delivery as One” which has seen the UN Agencies streamline their operations with the county. This successful program has seen 30 country representatives visit the county to learn more about it. Plans are underway to create a Multi-Partner Trust Fund that will assist the county access partner funds directly and hasten service delivery to the people.
Due to the instability in South Sudan, there is an influx of refugees. As such Kalobeyei Resettlement strategy offers a different approach to how refugee camps are set up. The host community and refugees are meant to co-exist to reduce the chances of conflict as experienced in Kakuma Refugee Company.
The Peace Building initiative, done in collaboration the National Government, has reduced cross-border conflict between Ethiopia and Uganda as communities look for pasture and water.
In the near future, the private sector will be engaged to play a larger role in tackling the youth unemployment challenge.

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