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Resident District Commissioner, Moroto, Abura Pirir has launched a water pan at Kobebe in Moroto, Uganda to help ease the  conflict between the   Karamoja and Turkana pastoralist communities on scarce resource like water and pasture for livestock

Addressing communities in Kobebe, Pirir said, it has been his dream to have the water Pan utilized by these communities in a bid to co-exist peacefully and end the conflict that has been fueling animosity between the two communities. The water pan costed the Ugandan government over  six billion Uganda shillings.

Turkana Deputy Governor, H.E Peter Ekai Lokoel said the Turkana County Government expects the Turkana and the Karamoja to live and interact peacefully. He said the elders from both sides have a major role to playin averting and resolving conflicts that might destroy the good relationship the communities are enjoy now.

There are over 30,000 Turkana pastoralists in Uganda, who went to seek for pasture and water in Uganda following the persistent drought in Turkana County.

Ekai says, the Turkana Government will construct a market that will benefit both the pastoralists from Kenya and Uganda as away to open up the border.

He says the government has already drilled a bolehole at Lomokori along the borderwhich will soon be operationalized.

“There will be a road linking Urum (Turkana) and Kobebe (Uganda) to facilitate continuous communication between the kraal leaders in order to diffuse any tension that might lead to attacks.” The Deputy Governor said.

Pirir said the Moroto Administration under his watch will consider drilling three boreholes along the Turkana-Moroto border to be utilized by the pastoralists living there.

The two leaders urged the two communities to live in peace by adhering to Nabilatuk Declaration. The Nabilatuk Declaration highlights in part, if one community steals from one another, the other community will compensate twice as much the number plus one. This is to discourage the retrogressive act between the warring communities.

They said the declaration would greatly help to get rid of cattle rustling menace.

Turkana Deputy Governor, Ekai echoed what the RDC said that the Ugandan Government will not allow the Turkana pastoralists carry guns while grazing their animals in Uganda..

Ekai says, the Turkana administration will be celebrating the origin of Turkana in Jie in Nakapelimoru. “ In order to strengthen the unity of purpose that we are already enjoying, the Turkana Community invites all of you to join them in celebrating the origin of Turkana by honouring ancestry mother known as Ata Nayeche in Jie, Nakapelimoru, in Uganda on 21st December 2014.” Ekai announced.

The launch of the Kobebe water pan comes ahead of the Ugandan President Visit which is expected late this month in Karamoja region of Uganda.



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